Be prepared to leave your comfort zones behind, because this has never been a human world, and it never will be.

A world of artful artifice and patchwork horrors, Somnux Meridian is a low-technology supernatural steampunk fantasy, set in a rapidly-cooling continent trapped in the shadow of a massive plate. Underneath, a number of disparate races eke out a living in the crumbling city below, waiting for the next piece of the upper structure to fall, or relic technology disaster below.

More about immersive storytelling, innovative problem solving and social interaction than number-crunching stats and bonuses, there will still be plenty of random encounters and epic villains lurking around every corner. With an automatic system of reincarnation in place, even death will not free you of your servitude, though it cannot be said to be entirely without cost.

The game will be run a modified combination of the New World of Darkness system, (Vampire:The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken, etc., minus the werewolves and vampires, of course. ) and Dread, which utilizes a marked Jenga game to add an element of suspense and precariousness to every major decision, as well as seeding randomized events and visions throughout the story-line.

Everyone who joins will be sent a customized character sheet, rules ‘cheat sheet’, and relevant maps. Once you’ve chosen a race and general character outline, you will be given a personalized piece of the story, meant for your eyes only, detailing your entry into Somnux Meridian.

Somnux Meridian